| Chania Private Sunset Cruise

  • Theodorou Island Exploration: Sail west of Chania towards Theodorou Island, where you might glimpse the rare Kri-Kri (wild Cretan goats) in their natural habitat.
  • Macherida Beach Retreat: Opt for the eastern route to Macherida beach, creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation on board while enjoying a specially curated Spotify playlist for sunset cruises.
  • Scenic Lazareta Island: Slowly sail to Lazareta Island, reveling in panoramic views of the Chania coastline as the sun gracefully sets

Embark on a romantic two-hour private sunset cruise departing from Chania Old Harbour, designed to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the Cretan sunset.

Available Options:

  • To the west of Chania Old Port, Route: Chania - Theodorou - Lazareta
  • To the east of Chania Old Port, Route: Chania - Macherida - Aspres Bay

  • Free Snorkeling Supplies: Provided upon request.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy soft drinks, beers, and a delightful spread of Cretan meze and wine.

Trip Duration: 2 hours 
Starting Time: Two hours before sunset