Chania Boat Tours | All Day Private Boat Tour to Balos Lagoon from Kolymvari

  • Balos Beach: Witness the striking contrast of azure waters against Cretan "table"-mountains at the renowned Balos Beach.
  • Gramvousa Island: Explore the Venetian-era fortress and a nearby mysterious sunken ship, offering a blend of history and adventure.
  • Menies Beach: Discover the serene beauty of Menies, with its turquoise waters and historical ruins.
  • Rodopou Peninsula hidden gems: Uncover hidden beaches like Sfakos, Chironisia, and Limnionari, perfect for snorkeling, freediving, and cave exploration.

Embark on a 7-hour private boat tour to Balos Lagoon from the picturesque Kolymvari, designed to unveil the splendors of Crete's coastline. This exclusive journey includes visits to the enchanting Balos Beach, historic Gramvousa Island, tranquil Menies Beach, and hidden shores of the Rodopou Peninsula.

  • Snorkeling Gear: Complimentary equipment available upon request, perfect for underwater explorations.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy a selection of drinks and snacks onboard to keep you energized throughout your adventure

Tour Duration: Approximately 7 hours.
Suggested Start Time: Between 8.30 and 9.30 a.m. to make the most of the day.
Ideal For: Groups (1-9 travellers) seeking an intimate and comprehensive exploration of Crete's coastline.